FreakFolk Records presents A Collection of Folk Songs written and performed by Glen Tomasetti. These songs, previously released on vinyl in the 1960s, are now made available digitally for the first time to be appreciated by a wider audience and to inspire a new generation. These songs remain relevant today, touching on topics of gender, equality, environment and identity.
This is a non-profit project, and we hope in the future to publish more music by Glen Tomasetti in order to carry on her legacy and to inspire more people with her music. All proceeds from sales will be used to fund future releases of the music of Glen Tomasetti on vinyl and on digital platforms.

Releases digitally on the 28th of September 2018 Limited Edition CDs available to pre-order from Bandcamp from the 28th of September 2018. Orders will be sent out in January 2019.

Glen Tomasetti, was an Australian singer, song-writer, author and political activist. During the 1960s she appeared weekly on commercial television, performing satirical political songs. She became a household name in 1967 after refusing to pay a portion of her taxes in protest against Australia's involvement in the war in Vietnam. She was well known for her original folk music and political activism, in particular for the feminist song Don’t Be Too Polite, Girls about the struggle for equal pay in Australia. Over the course of her career she also published the novels Thoroughly Decent People and Man of Letters, A Romance in addition to many poems and short stories. She researched and wrote the historical work The Swiss at Blampied and The Irish at Eganstown charting 19th century migration to central Victoria, and also researched and wrote over many years an unpublished biography of the musician and activist Hephzibah Menuhin. Glen produced 11 records of songs in her lifetime and set to music several works of the Australian poet David Campbell. She was an early environmentalist and many of her political and anti war songs written in the 1960’s and 70’s are still relevant today.

This project received support from Folk Alliance Australia and is made possible by Sarah Tomasetti, daughter and Literary Executor to Glen Tomasetti.

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